“The important thing for our Church is to be available and responsive to people at different times in their lives and to the community around us –  to provide a quiet place for reflection when they need it, and a friendly environment in which to make friends.”

Our Ministers

DatesName of Minister
1807-1809Rev Robert Little
1809-1821Rev Thomas Humpage
1821-1842Rev Henry Pawling
1846-1847Rev John Charles Edwards
1847-1849Rev John Ford
1853-1854Rev Matthew Jeula
1855-1858Rev James H Richards
1859-1860Rev John Christien
1861-1875Rev John Mark
1876-1877Rev Robert Aitken Bertram
1877 – 1886Rev John Burton Rudduck
1887 – 1899Rev John Jermyn
1901 – 1921  Rev Arthur Jarvis
1922 – 1937Rev Percy Martin
1937 – 1962Rev William Arthur Oyler-Waterhouse
1962 – 1969Rev John Selwyn Roberts
1970 – 1991  Rev Arthur Jack Beeson
1993 – 1996Rev James L Cernohlavek
1996  – 2004Rev Ann McNair
2004 – 2009Rev Carole Ellefsen-Jones
2009 – 2017Rev Ray Adams  
2018-Rev Melanie Smith

Our Elders

Dawn Foyle 

 Jim Gascoigne                                                                       

 Fiona Henderson

 Andrea Latter

 Dave Latter   

 Gillian West

 Cliff Woolley

 Sally Woolley

Church Secretary


Church Treasurers

Cliff and Sally Woolley